CITY VIEW – Karen Farbridge, meet Clint Eastwood

Posted June 2, 2013

Watched a tasty movie the other night titled “Trouble with the Curve”. In it, Clint Eastwood plays a grizzled former baseball player who is a scout for the Atlanta Braves.

The film was a struggle in the team’s front office between old-timer Eastwood and a brash young scout who used a computer to evaluate talent. He never went to see a prospect but relied on stats and data in his computer. Of course they clashed over a young high school prospect that was hitting everything thrown at him. Well, almost everything, as it turned out.

Eastwood’s character went to see the prospect play and evaluate him before the draft and determined the kid couldn’t hit a curve ball. He computer nemesis pooh-poohed his evaluation and the team picked the young hitter in the first round.

Eventually, Eastwood was vindicated when the team discovered the prospect’s weakness. He had trouble hitting the curve ball.

In a certain way, we have a parallel situation here in Guelph.

We have the Farbridge administration hitting everything out of the park. These include new policies, innovation, composting, and initiatives. It has changed the way people travel and water their lawns. They enforce their will through the courts, spending on projects that people don’t want or care about, hiring an endless steam of lawyers and consultants.

Oh, they are good at promoting and twisting the truth to suit their agenda: To change Guelph, whether we like it or not.

The people are not stupid. They are starting to see the weaknesses in the Farbridge administrations at bat performance. The curve balls are coming thick and fast. The only way to evaluate the Farbridge batting record is to get the facts of an endless record of mistakes, mismanagement and wasted resources.

The real opposition to this waning influence of this Farbridge-dominated city council are the people. There are only four members of that council who try to bring rational thought to the table. They are regularly voted down.

Look for a flurry of good news from the Farbridge crowd to sway your vote between now and October 2014. They are just trying to influence you with your money.

There are two strikes against them now and more curve balls are coming.

As Clint would say: “Go ahead, make my day.”


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