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CITY VIEW – If only the university was located in Fergus

Posted May 1, 2013

Valerie Kampf, writing in the letters pages, protests the Abode Varsity Living student housing project, recently approved by the OMB over the protest of the city and the University of Guelph. She claims that students will be living in a “non-official residence setting”.

Really? I guess she didn’t read the OMB judgment that pointed out the university houses only 5,300 students on campus out of a student body of 22,000. The lady lives in Fergus where she is not affected by the scores of students who flock into Guelph’s single family neighbourhoods. They occupy illegally converted homes that are cut-up into small-scale dormitories with up to 12 students.

She’s not around to witness the “kegger” parties organized by young entrepreneurs when beer is illegally sold and there are no relief facilities. Does she realize that the pubs on the university campus are shut down on weekends thereby forcing students to go downtown to drink or attend a “kegger?”

Thank goodness Abode sees a dire need and sure, it makes money just like the university has been doing for years leasing its lands to private enterprises along Stone Road.

It’s apparent to folks in those neighbourhoods taken over by the students that the university doesn’t give a damn about where students live so long as they pay their tuition and fees.

This is a growing and important issue that council will have to tackle. If it doesn’t, it will be at its peril.


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