Political theatre critic Gerry Barker now on Twitter

Posted May 26, 2013

The world of social exchange is now part of guelphspeaks.ca.

Starting today, tweets in 140 letters or less, will appear under the Barker handle. Guelphspeaks viewers will be able to get a taste of short and sweet commentary and replies from fellow twits (?)

Material will be brief, original and broader in scope

While guelphspeaks delves into issues in a detailed way, the tweets offer another taste of what’s going on in our community.

Tweet the site and don’t hold back.

This is the beginning of a large exchange of ideas and beliefs that will make our communities better and connected.

Tell your friends and relatives about how to enjoy an ongoing saga of the theatre politic, its foibles, strangeness and often humourous

See you in the tweets.


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2 responses to “Political theatre critic Gerry Barker now on Twitter

  1. dstm

    No Gerry. Don’t do it.
    A 140 character drive-by is not in your character. Some of us cherish your prose and weighty / lengthy dissertations. You are better than Twitter format allows. Listen to the ONE (your wife!) who knows (all).

    • dstm: Don’t worry, guelphspeaks will continue its crusade for change in Guelph. Twitter is another arrow in our arsenal to keep people informed with accurate and vital commentary of the Guelph politic. Fortunately, there is no shortage of material.

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