CITY VIEW – Guelph’s industrial/commercial operations only contribute 4 per of city revenues

Posted May 25, 2013

The Mayor recently admitted to the Guelph Wellington Men’s Club that the industrial commercial businesses in the city only generates 4 per cent of total revenue.

In six years, this administration has force-fed dubious capital expenditure on the unsuspecting electorate. The result is no new downtown library, no south-end recreation centre and a catastrophic downtown parking initiative that has cost taxpayers more than $600,000 a year in lost, on-street parking revenue.

Coupled with that is this insatiable desire and expense to create a vibrant downtown.

Here’s the kicker. With the temporary advent of the professional Hamilton Ti-Cats football team to play its home games in the Gryphon Stadium, plans call for pre-game fan tailgate parties downtown. Now these events can be rowdy, messy and an irritant to downtown residents. Numbers of university students will be looking for an opportunity for unfettered behaviour and celebration.

Now the city is balking and the red tape has tightly wound it around the ambitious promotional plans to publicize our city. Marty Williams, the main man downtown is apoplectic over the staff hurdles that have been suddenly thrown up to thwart the tailgate festivities.

Is it any wonder that Guelph is depicted as a tough place to build promotional activities and attract business?

Hey! We’ve been there before. The questions to be asked are who pays? There are the police and EMS special coverage, clean up and disposal of refuse and control of civic employee overtime costs. Council has declined to keep the waste management facility open to receive the accumulated tailgate garbage.

The estimate is the clean up of each event will cost $2,000. In our corporation of $400 million is this not chump change?

Well it seems that the administration is about to spend $10,000 of your money to find out why we don’t vote in municipal elections. Hmmm, It’s not hard to figure that out.

The invasion of the Ti-Cats is a good promotion for the city but details of its temporary marriage to Guelph needs clarification.

The facts are that this Farbridge-dominated council has no idea how to effectively promote the city.
The experience of the $25,000 video spent featuring All-Star NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw promoting the city and Mayor, was a disaster as no tangible results ever registered.

Go Ti-Cats and bring some friendlies to the Royal City.


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3 responses to “CITY VIEW – Guelph’s industrial/commercial operations only contribute 4 per of city revenues

  1. paul

    Instead of the Ti Cats kicking the football when they come to town perhaps they could kick Farbridge square in the arse!!!!!!!

  2. Jerry

    It was a great opportunity to promote this beautiful city,pump money into the
    downtown core by people eating in our restaurants,shopping in our stores and even people staying over in our hotel rooms.
    But hey we can’t have that can we,I mean people actually spending money in our downtown and the merchants surviving in our tough economy.
    Knowing the way Farbridge runs this city she and council would probable decide to rip up some major downtown street just when the ti-cats gear up
    for their season.
    Now the tail gate party-Why could they not just get private security to
    run the event and the garbage issue is just ridicules.
    Do they have the compost centre opened late when they have the multi-
    cultural event or rib fest. No.
    They just pick the garbage up,hold onto it until Saturday when the compost
    plant is open and deposit the garbage then.
    Why would they have to have extended hours.
    Why–money grab.But they are offering free bus rides to the stadium
    to watch the game.
    Does not make sense then again i forget we are in Farbridge land.The land
    of smoke and mirrors.

    • Jerry: Smoke and mirrors, indeed! They are very good at blowing smoke at we peasants to pump their social engineering goals. Most of which people didn’t vote for. The people are waking up and the current poll costing $10,000 to discover why people don’t vote will add to public concern about how their city has been run.

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