CITY VIEW – At last, the truth be known

Posted May 20, 2013

If there ever was a message to the Farbridge administration, their own survey told them the truth: They run a secretive operation that a large number of respondents questioned. Of 13 questions asked in a survey to gauge the wellbeing of Guelph residents, it revealed their satisfaction ranked honesty and transparency of the administration as unsatisfactory.

On a scale of seven the lack of satisfaction ranked only 3.73.

Gotta tell you, that has to be a devastating blow to the Farbridge administration.

Mind you, guelphspeaks has never been a fan of the whole “wellbeing” initiative the Farbridge administration launched last year. So eager was the city to be the first to hold a city-wide survey, they agreed to this wobbly telephone survey of 9,000 households that had a 15 percent response or 1,350. There was no reference to the demographics of the group or if qualified to vote.

No, guelphspeaks did not get a call.

As Barbara Powell, manager of community engagement and social services, opined: ”News reports that people hear about various governments in the country can colour local perceptions of city hall.”

There they go again, blaming the news media for the frosty opinion held by some residents over the city operations that openly question honesty and transparency. It is interesting to note that Manager Powell seems to believe that people only receive their news by “hearing” it. Flash! People have many sources of seeing, hearing and reading about news from a myriad of sources, including the telephone.

For starters in the new age of transparency, how much did this survey cost the taxpayers?

And if the administration is taking steps to correct these obvious faults, start by revealing the real cost of operation of the $36 million organic plant including the terms of the contract with Aim Environmental and its parent, Maple Reinders.

Alas, so many hidden issues and so little time to reveal them.


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2 responses to “CITY VIEW – At last, the truth be known

  1. Glen N. Tolhurst

    The definition of transparency depends on whether you are controlling the dissemination of information or trying to cut through the spin and bafflegab to find out what is really going on.

    • Glen T. Tolhurst: I think you’ve nailed the current version of city government transparency, control of information. Add slanting what does come out to favour not the taxpayers but the administration. Now it appears the citizens are catching on to the manipulation of information.

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