Joining the walkout club

Posted May 5, 2013

Colleen Bell, City of Guelph Director of Community and Social Services, is leaving to take a job in Oakville. Ms. Bell joined the city staff in December 2011, three months after her predecessor, Ann Pappert, was promoted to the top civic staff job as Chief Administration Officer.

That senior staff move has not exactly worked out. The reasons for Ms. Bell’s resignation after only 17 months on the job were not revealed. Ms. Pappert’s learning curve as CAO has, at best, been graded as a C minus. Perhaps she was not quite ready for prime time.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board and transfer Ms. Pappert back to her former job and hire a qualified CAO who is experienced, independent and can smooth the present bureaucratic and fragmented city operations.

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One response to “Joining the walkout club

  1. Jerry

    Only way to smooth over the bureaucratic b.s in this town is to fire them
    But then who could farbridge blame when everything goes south?.

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