Guelphspeaks is your blog to express yourself

This is your blog.

Guelphspeaks is growing in popularity with more comments and expressions of points of view submissions. It is the blog for everyone because it was created never intended to be a one-man operation.  The slogan of guelphspeaks is “The blog for the people by the people.” Adding comments is quick and easy and I encourage citizens to send opinion pieces as well.

Guelphspeaks is the blog that offers a platform for free expression and commentary.

The rules are simple: No profanity, no character assassination including personal attacks, no libelous statements and the editor reserves the right to edit for clarity.

Plus a little humour is most welcome.

Today there is a growing concern by citizens of the way their city is being managed. Recent events are pointing to a public distrust of the administration for a number of reasons.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome.

Blog on!

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One response to “Guelphspeaks is your blog to express yourself

  1. joseph paul phelan

    Public distrust of the current mayor and some of her colleagues is well founded and is on more solid ground than her or her sheep……

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