When will it ever stop?

Posted March 3, 2013

Once again the city administration has a new concept to make the city, particularly the downtown, more likeable and livable. It has hired a New York-based outfit called Project for Public Spaces (PPS). Its task is to revitalize public spaces and, facilitate the workshop. Its code name is “placemaking”.

Wednesday March 6 there is a walkabout scheduled in the downtown area to study plans to improve livability, etc.

It’s not really a good time. Why not do it Friday night around 11 pm when the nightlife is ablaze with 33 drinking establishments going full blast? That should provide some interesting insights for the placemaking study.

This is yet another social engineering move by the Mayor and her cohorts that’s right up there with the recent “wellness” campaign. There is a growing sense of urgency here to build a case for re-election of this controlling group of councillors. The objective is to force-feed the unsuspecting electorate with programs, strategies and workshops they don’t want and frequently don’t understand. But they pay for it anyway.

One commentator suggested that the Mayor must have a long list of consulting and legal firms. If you listen to the first group, it is suggested, that a lawyer will be hired to get you out of trouble. The lengthy list of legal issues facing the city is testimony to that.

Further, why so many hiring of consultants to provide so-called “expert input”? Is the city staff incapable of meeting the wishes of council? It’s like citizens are paying twice to resolve the growing wish list of projects that are outsourced.

The administration’s penchant for hiring consultants has been described as being “consultant reliant”.

Trouble is consultant reports are rarely revealed to the taxpayers and this lack of transparency dishonours the rights of citizens to know and understand how their city is being administered.

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  1. Paying someone to tell you what you want to hear

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