Announcing the first annual guelphspeaks limerick contest

Posted February 14, 2013

Composing limericks is always fun and we guelphspeakers are full of ideas and comments on the city politic. There is no shortage of material. And the brilliance of our growing number of viewers and commentators indicates there is hidden talent out there.

Here’s your chance to display your skills composing limericks about our city, its leaders and foibles.

The basic ground rules are: No profanity, suggestive material or personal attacks. Keep it clean, satirical and humorous.

Here are a couple of limericks your editor cooked up as an example (he does not pretend to be any expert in the limerick writing field). Please be kind.

There once was a city called Guelph

With a council that was full of itself

With a mayor so dramatic

And a staff so enigmatic

The people were left on the shelf


We once had a mayor who had dreams

Who imposed her impossible schemes

The people revolted

Then they bolted

And she lost her desire to be queen

I know, I know, not the stuff to win a spot on the Daily Show.  Let’s see our talented viewers strut their stuff and share with our growing audience. The experts tell us guelphspeaks is the most popular blog in the city now attracting hundreds of viewers a day.

An independent committee will select the winners.

First prize is the new, exclusive guelphspeaks tee shirt plus $20

The next nine contributors will receive a guelphspeaks tee shirt.

Join the fun and start your limerick engines.

All accepted contributions would be published in our new limerick corner feature on the blog.

Here is your opportunity to make your point(s) in an entertaining and concise manner.

Send your submissions to as a comment. The deadline for this year is April 15, 2013.

Good limericks!

Gerry Barker

Editor –






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