A personal statement

Friends and viewers:

Just a note to inform you of a major distraction in our lives as we lost our daughter January 16, 2013 following a battle with cancer. Kerridy MacDonald was only 56 years old and is survived by three adult children, Craig Lindsay, Amanda Lindsay and Taylor Lindsay.

It was a reminder of how fragile life is and how it pulls an integrated family together to meet the crisis in the loss of  a  sister and daughter.

Life must go on and guelphspeaks will continue to be the voice of the people, always open and ready to accept comments and contributions to the blog.

We want to thank those friends and neighbours who responded with condolences and support.

Gerry Barker, Editor, guelphspeaks.ca


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3 responses to “A personal statement

  1. Thank you, darling, for sharing this tribute to our beautiful, beloved daughter…always, Barbara.

  2. Jerry

    Sorry to hear of your loss and may God hold you tight in his ever
    loving arms.

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