An Unholy Trifecta

Posted October 26, 2012

Sometimes the world unfolds as it should not.

The city recently announced 8% increases in water & sewer rates. This is after a record number of months of a watering ban that reduced consumption.

The purported reason behind this money grab is the added burden of compliance with water standards. That line has been flogged to death for several years now.

What it really hides is the fact that the fixed costs of the water system are too high and have to  be covered by increases. For any new development, the developers should pay upfront. I’m too broke to pay for someone else’s new house services!

Last week the Tribune carried an article on the use of compostable green bags for the newest white elephant. Comment could be made to the MOE. The catch is the city released the info to the paper one week before the deadline for public comment.

It was a stroke of news-management brilliance withholding information until the last moment and then releasing it on a Friday. They can then claim only a few citizens commented. Talk about managing, or is it mismanaging, information to citizens?

Yesterday in the Tribune, the czar of garbage reiterated that yard waste pickup will continue twice a year for 2 years. Thereafter, yard waste can be used to  “top up” the little green bins. Once again, the numeric illiteracy of the waste mismanagement department is glaring!

By the time I use my 10 kraft paper bags  to top up the green bins at the rate of one half a bag per week, 20 weeks will have passed and spring will have arrived. However, in the meantime the paper bags will have rotted in the weather. Brilliant.

The Trifecta of Larry, Moe, and Curly is alive and well in Guelph.

Glen N. Tolhurst



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