This time you’ve gone too far, department

Posted September 24, 2012

Coun. Ian Findlay represents Ward Two and has gotten on his high horse over fellow Coun. Cam Guthrie’s comments on his blog about the relationship with the civic staff and council. Guthrie made his comments during an open council meeting, so the blog content was in the public domain.

It appears that Findlay is the designated hitter for the Farbridge dominated council who apparently see Guthrie as a threat to their tightly-wound world of controlling the message.

Indeed, Findlay writes a blog himself for Ward Two in which he pompously declares: “It does not matter whether you are in education, healthcare, media, business or government, you do not publicly criticize subordinates.”

Mr. Findlay, did you doze off at the public meeting where Guthrie made his legitimate points about the 8.5 per cent tax increase that staff wanted to inflict, not only on Guthrie’s constituents , but yours as well?

The very point he was trying to make is that the Chief Administrative Office Ann Pappert’s comments about council’s directive to bring in a three percent proposal was inappropriate when she refers to it as a” regressive decision” and not “palatable”.

Mr. Findlay, you’ve been a councillor for almost six years. Your job is to serve your constituents. It is not to threaten a fellow councillor with some form of sedition or breaking council’s code of conduct.

To suggest that this is a matter for the Integrity Commissioner borders on the highest form of pettiness that is unbecoming of a member of council.

Do you really want to bring Mr. Swayze back to judge whether you and your fellow Farbridge cohorts are right in condemning a fellow councillor who is doing his job questioning the staff?

The last session with the part-time Integrity Commissioner cost the taxpayers some $10,000 and turned out to be a wasted exercise.

Under our system of government, city staff is not immune to criticism, especially when they step over the line.

With respect, I suggest that you start representing the interests of the people who elected you and protect their interests and not the staff who they employ.

Have a nice day.


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9 responses to “This time you’ve gone too far, department

  1. Ruby

    Or is that Integrity Commissar?

    So much for free speech. Way to go Cam.

  2. geo

    Represent the interests of the people who live in your ward. What a novel idea.

  3. Paul

    Yes Findlay has once again proven that he takes his orders from the Mayor and will act as her muscle on those terrible Councillors who are on the “maverick” side.
    The CAO made the first goof with her inappropriate comments unless of course she was simply fulfilling her role as a spokesman for the Lady in the Mayor’s Office.
    Rather than attacking Guthrie, Findlay should have chastised the CAO and at least made a motion of censure for her disrespectful comments on a position of Council. For her stupidity she deserves to be fired without a golden handshake. Highly unlikely that this will happen given the vacouos supporters of the Mayor.
    2014 – Lest we Forget!

  4. Not impressed

    Ann Pappert does not live and pay taxes in Guelph. Look at her track record and you will see she loves to spend Our hard earned money. talk to her for a minute and you will wonder how she got her job!!!

    • Not impressed: The number of executive directors in the city hierarchy who don’t live in Guelph is stunning. At last count only one lives in the city. You cannot force people to live where they work, but it’s a good idea if you wield power and have a professional responsibility that includes control of money. Hopefully the next council will undertake to make it a job requirement for senior staff to reside in the city. At present, most of them have no skin in the game. If this is such a great city in which to live, why don’t the bosses live here?

  5. Not impressed

    i should have said to the best of my knoledge she does not live in Guelph.

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