Turkeys and the Titanic compost project

Editor’s note: This is a letter sent to the Guelph Tribune that was refused. Another example of the stifling of free speech and commentary by the Corporately owned Guelph papers.

Posted July 29, 2012

Why was I not surprised to hear a news item on the local radio station that Guelph was paying Hamilton to  ship their green bag compostables to Guelph? The city doesn’t have sufficient green bag volume to commission the new wet-dry facility.

The reason being given for this waste of money is that the projected compost material contracted from Waterloo, which was touted as a cornerstone to  ensure the plant viability, is less than planned.

Guelph had the opportunity to contract with Hamilton for green bag composting but in a misguided ego  trip, decided to  build its own facility. It would appear that the numerically and financially illiterate mayor and her merry band of tax and spend councilors, are seeing the turkeys come home to  roost.

Wait until the less than hoped for efficiencies come to roost when the 3 bin waste collection comes on stream. Another turkey circling city hall. The whole $50 million waste management (that’s an oxymoron if there ever was one) plan will be recognized as a white elephant with the Guelph taxpayers being on the hook for it. What a legacy!

Glen N. Tolhurst


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4 responses to “Turkeys and the Titanic compost project

  1. paul

    i can think of 9 people who should be included in the wet garbage pickup!!!!!

  2. geo

    The people responsible for waste management in Waterloo and Hamilton must thank (insert deity of choice here) every day for the yahoos that currently run the City of Guelph.

  3. jerry

    HI Geo
    They do as they laugh all the way to the bank.

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