Three bins full of It.

Editor’s note: This was a letter written to the Tribune that was refused. Unlike the corporate print media, guelphspeaks welcomes submissions from viewers that are informative, witty and accurate. GB

Posted July 19, 2012

It was with a mixture of dark humour and cynicism that I read the articles “Most of city knows bins rolling out” and “What you need to know about bin system” as published July 12. A few points were noted.

The picture of Heather Connell, city manager of integrated services with Solid Waste Resources, posing with her elbow jauntily resting on one of the three coloured bins was disingenuous. How about a picture of a person with disability in a wheel chair wrestling the carts to the curb in summer, let alone winter?

When was the last time Ms. Connell purchased sugar or flour in a bag large enough to line a green bin?  If shredded paper is to  be placed in a transparent blue plastic bag and then placed inside the blue cart, how can it also be used to  line the green bins? Perhaps Ms. Connell will post a video showing how this can be done as a home based craft? If transparent clear bags can be used for holding diapers, hygiene products and placed in the grey cart, where is the reduction of plastic bags going to  landfill?

Now to  keep the yucky stuff from sticking to  the inside of the green bin, people can purchase paper liners, which add to  the user costs and is simply brilliant.

Likewise, the professed ability to “top up” the green bin with yard waste will mean it will take about 10 weeks to get rid of 5 paper yard waste bags, if they don’t rot out first, and then toss the used paper bags into  the blue box.

As I traipsed around my home in “Guelph the good and cradle of recycling”, I counted three washroom waste baskets containing used tissues, dental floss, and other yucky bathroom detritus, as well as two home office areas with  waste baskets, all lined with repurposed retail plastic bags. Now it appears that the drill will be to empty these bags into  the grey bin and then throw the empty bags into the bin. Again, simply brilliant. I can hardly restrain my enthusiasm as I await my 3 bins in 2014. Perhaps some gifted graffiti artist will appropriately paint caricatures of Larry, Moe, and Curly on them.

Glen N. Tolhurst



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4 responses to “Three bins full of It.

  1. paulphelan

    F oolish C razy
    A ssenine O utrageous
    R idiculuous N uts
    B elligerent N imrod
    R aper E gg head
    I diotic L aughin stock of Guelph
    D umb ass L acking foresight
    G rim
    E x mayor

  2. Ruby

    Well Glen, hopefully the bins will be eliminated by the time you are slated to get yours (2014).
    I’m going to get mine this fall (2012) and as you can guess, I just can’t wait to spend more time with my garbage courtesy of the “garbage ;police” at city hall.

    • Ruby: I think you are “married” to the bins. Think of it: No consultation with the citizens. Again the Farbridge machine steamrollers the public with this insane idea of trash collection because they failed to foresee that the provincial government would not allow plastic bags in the new compost plant. There is plenty of blame to go around here. First. the Janet Laird/Karen Farbridge environmentalists shoved the compost plant down our throats without checking to see if the province would go for the plastic bag collection system. Then the Ministry of Environment failed to say the plastic bag collection was not going to be allowed. Kaching! Kaching! the $33 million plant is already under construction. Finally, where was general contractor, Maple Reinders, when all this was going on? The end result is a $15 million bills to convert from plastic
      to bins.Is this great city or not?

  3. paulphelan

    Gotta love the soap “As Guelph Turns” ….

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