Some short takes

Posted July 5, 2012

A rose by any other name

Do we really need to be lectured by Virginia Gillham about whether the proposed new $63 million downtown library shouldn’t be called  “a main branch library” but a “Main library?”

Shades of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney trying to define the difference between a penalty for those who do not buy health insurance or a tax. The latter being labeled by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The interesting point is where the $63 million is coming from? Can’t wait to see how the Mayor finesses this.


City plays hardball with old civic museum.

When James Gordon speaks, Karen Farbridge takes notice. Gordon was one of the spokespersons for accepting a mysterious offer to buy the Dublin Street heritage building to create a “Centre for, arts, culture and new media

In a closed session, council agreed to accept the offer from Tyrcathlen Partners provided its counter offer closed by July 6. Originally listed for $949,000 in May 2011, the city has two offers on the table.

The pregnant question is what will be the end cost to taxpayers who have already spent $15.5 million plus on the new civic museum? Is the old museum selling price $500,000 as originally estimated or $949,000 as listed or somewhere in between?

Will that be paper or plastic?


PC: Memories of Downtown Pissoirs

For almost six years, the Farbridge council has attempted to sell the idea that Guelph’s downtown is an untapped gem. Yet despite spending untold millions, it’s the same pee and vomit pond the morning after.

Then the pointy-heads in the administration decided that what really was needed to change the mess was to have people living in high-rise downtown condos. So there has been a flurry of proposals to energize the Mayor’s dream of a vibrant downtown.

The new mantra: If you build it they will come.

Council has the power and the tools to correct this abuse of the public good. Hint: bring the University officials to the table to enforce civility among the student population.  Next would come the police and liquor licence authorities to crack down on licensed premises that permit drunkenness.

Until this situation is under control, the downtown will never be exciting or vibrant … unless you own a bar or are under 21.


The chutzpah award for 2012

Remember, after litigation the city was stuck with paying $10 million as its share for the new Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) headquarters on Stone Road?

The health Board approached city council to request approval to lease an additional .78 acre portion of the property already leased from the University of Guelph. The proposed parcel will cost $28,700 a year for 49 years. The reason given was to allow for future expansion of the headquarters to accommodate population growth.

The proposal was defeated 11-1. But it doesn’t matter, the other municipalities have the majority of votes on the health board. Once again Guelph is helpless to stop this waste of taxpayer’s money.

The underlying problem is Guelph should be permitted to operate its own public health system. Unfortunately the provincial Health Protection and Promotion Act forces the city into an alliance that is not in the best interests of its citizens.

Please sir, I would like some more.



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2 responses to “Some short takes

  1. geo

    Shouldn’t the student highrises their trying to build at stone and gordon be built downtown? Why waste the time and money taking them back up the hill when they can live where they play?

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