It’s Kindergarten time at 1 Carden Street

Posted May 30, 2012

Oh my, the children were restless the other night when the new Integrity Commissioner reported on the leak by an anonymous city councillor.

The Commish, a lawyer, hired at $235 an hour, was to determine if a report from the Ministry of Environment (MOE) concerning the air quality of the new $33 compost plant, broke the Code of Conduct rules. Oops, it is now known as the Waste Resource Innovation Centre (WRIC).

I like to call the WRIC the Microbe Motel that so far has failed to meet production goals because of construction errors or omissions. There have been periodic complaints about the smell of the decomposing wet waste during this eight-month trial and error testing period.

That’s when the MOE stepped in and prepared a report for the Public Liaison Committee.

Coun. Cam Guthrie requested a copy of the report but was denied by Chief Administration Officer Ann Pappert. Janet Laird, chief of things waste, piped up that it was a draft report. Huh! the MOE sends out draft reports? I don’t think so.

The next thing the Mercury reported that Guthrie and four other opposition councillors are kicking in $5 to obtain a copy of the report under the Freedom of Information Act.

Well, the bad stuff hits the fan and the Mayor calls in her newly-minted integrity commissioner, Robert Swayze, to report on whether the five bad boys and lady breached the Code of Conduct of council by leaking a confidential report to the press.

The witch-hunt is on to find out who leaked it. Exciting stuff eh? It only cost the taxpayers $235 an hour.

His report is Pabulum, plain and simple, suggesting that workshops be held to improve relationships between senior staff and council. That means another teacher coming to class to do the usual couch number to teach Kumbayaa. Those facilitators don’t come cheap.

The Commish talks about team building on Council and staff.

He’s kidding right?

Where has he been for the past five and one half years? Is he not aware of the dominance of the Farbridge majority in Council that has created the animosity existing today?

Our city has been governed by a dominant  ideological group that has made decisions placing the municipality in a serious financial position.

Mr. Swayze only interviewed the Mayor and Chief Administration Officer and e-mailed the protesting councillors. This has to tell you what side he’s swinging towards.

Question: Why does council need a code of conduct? Members are duly elected and expected to respect the rules of good order and function. The real story is this sappy and unnecessary code only diminishes a Councillors right to express oneself and put the lid on anything controversial. Are we still in Kindergarten?

Why do we need an Integrity Commissioner?

Why is the team of eight Farbridge team players so determined to keep a lid on stuff that may reflect badly on them?

If a city of Guelph councillor cannot speak his or her mind about civic matters, over which they was elected to oversee, on behalf of his electors, suggests that’s censorship.

Okay kids! Everybody out of the sandbox. It’s naptime.

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