Media Watch: Why the sudden interest in Ian Findlay?

Posted April 28, 2012

Whatever prompted the Guelph Mercury to publish a Page One puff piece on city Coun.  Ian Findlay?  Then more accolades on the editorial page saluting Mr. Findlay’s business survival in the diminishing world of store front DVD rentals.

Mr. Findlay’s municipal interests lie downtown in Ward One. He represents Ward Two where support of issues in that ward seem to be surmounted by those of the Farbridge administration. His unfailing support of the Farbridge downtown agenda diminishes his effectiveness in Ward Two.

In view of the Merciry’s recent critical coverage of the Farbridge administration, it is surprising to take a what could be an interesting business story and make it the Saturday Page One lead story.

As Pogo would say: ” It’s confusing but amusing.”

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One response to “Media Watch: Why the sudden interest in Ian Findlay?

  1. Paul

    Findlay’s main source of income is probably his Council stipend. After 29 years in the Video Rental Biz, what else can he do? Your comment seems to be spot on – a loyal supporter of the Karen Keystone Kops agenda. Just like Vickie the Pollinator – his best before date is gone!
    Bye Bye Ian.

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