Why Me?

Posted May 8, 2012

Every once in a while I wonder why I really care about Guelph.

I write my blog without any compensation except the satisfaction that I am exposing the weaknesses of a tired administration.

I’m a lone wolf who pays taxes, supports institutions and worries about the future of our great city.

That’s my motivation to interpret and comment on how the city is being managed. As a professional journalist who has spent a lifetime covering stories from the arrival of the Beatles in America in 1964 to life at the top of the world at Alert, 200 miles from the north pole.

I have worked as a senior editor at the Toronto Star (ironic, eh?) and at one stage in my life was owner and publisher of the Bradford (Ontario) Paper Group.  I have served in the military, on condo and service club boards.  Currently I serve as Finance Chairman of the Regimental Council of the Queen’s York Rangers, 1st American Regiment based in Toronto and Aurora.

Guelph has been run by a council with an egoistical determination to make its mark despite citizen objections, since 2007. For the past five and one half years this council has controlled the public’s business with little or no opposition.

I have been writing about this group that has dictated policy, regardless of what people think or want or know how to pay the bills.

Now the supporters of this group including the Guelph Civic League, are attacking my articles and postings on guelphspeaks.ca.

I see this as a good sign that my points are striking home. Since starting the blog about 11 months ago, the number of viewers has grown steadily.  I accept no ads and my copy is carefully checked and vetted for accuracy.

I do not have any out-of-towners telling me what to write or influence me in any way.

My goal is to alert the voting public to question the administration and follow the commentary so that a rightful decision is made on election day, October 2014.


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5 responses to “Why Me?

  1. geo

    Sir, In my opinion you are the ideal person to be the next mayor of the royal city.

  2. R&J

    Totally agree with the above statement!!!

    • R&J: Thanks for your comment. The task now is to mobilize those folks who share the view that this administration needs to be replaced with representatives who practise common sense and bring experience to the table.

  3. Anu

    I like your Blog, it exposes the corruption in this city.
    I think its time for a change.

    Please never stop

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