Did the Mercury join the Julian Ichim fan club?

The recent editorial the Guelph Mercury written about the case of urban actibust  (sic) Julian Ichim was artfully dissected. It deemed to make the point that his $4 million lawsuit against the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario, could clarify the role of Guelph undercover police in the G20 and Olympic Torch run.

Talk about flogging a dead horse.

TorStar owner of the Mercury, through it’s Toronto Star MetroLand subsidiary, has steadfastly criticized the role of the police before, during and after the G20 meeting in Toronto. The local paper brain trust apparently decided this was an opportunity to put a hometown twist of the sad saga of Mr. Ichim.

He is not just an activist as the local paper describes him, he is bent on doing whatever necessary to disrupt and contribute to civic disorder.

He is part of a Guelph-based group of anarchists determined to force their extreme points of view that enrage the authorities and citizens.

Hark back a view years ago when burning brush and tires were set on fire on the Hanlon.  Or the occupation of the Hanlon Business Park construction site that halted development of that project.  He was accused of threatening the family owners of the construction firm. Or remember the gang that pelted buses with eggs and curses. They were carrying guests from the official opening of the Hanlon Business Park.

Along the way, Ichim sued the Guelph Police Services without success.

Then along came the G20 protest and he was a cell leader taking protestors along Toronto streets. Mr. Icim’s political actions lead him from Guelph to Toronto and back. As if Guelph needs anymore notoriety what with the Pierre Poutine robo call scandal.

Frankly, most folks must scratch their heads about his latest attempt to nail the cops.  Perhaps it will bring an end to the violent actions perpetrated by the anarchist cell. Taking on the Province of Ontario in his lawsuit will require deep pockets. Hope the lawyer representing him has cashed the cheque before the pre-trial depositions.

This you can bet on, regardless of the outcome, Mr. Ichim will turn up again, like a bad penny.

And the saga will continue.



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One response to “Did the Mercury join the Julian Ichim fan club?

  1. Ruby

    Wish the Guelph Police would drum this loser out of town.
    The “old” Mercury would not have highlighted this person as a “hero”.
    I cringe everytime I see this person and his loser friends on the Mercury’s front page.
    Thanks Gerry for talking about this.

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