The Farbridge method of managing

The mayor publishes a blog on the city’s website and this current post is eye catching.

Under the heading “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

I guess most citizens would believe the mayor has the cart in front of the horse.

Shouldn’t it read: “ If you don’t manage it, you can’t measure it.”

The Mayor acknowledges that absenteeism among city staff is rising.  Is that not the core issue? Shouldn’t senior staff investigate why this is occurring? No amount of sophisticated software is going to solve the problem.

Measurement of the problem has already occurred. Sick leave is increasing annually.

It is understood that people get sick or injured on the job. It’s not about those folks.

Mayor, you are not dealing with statistics. You are dealing with a staff morale problem.

A good start would be to hold sessions with rank and file employees to discover why they book off. Sort the dross from reality and address the basics of man management. Excuse me, person management. Managers, those not fearful of their own jobs, would discover the reasons why their staff is disgruntled and unhappy.

Maintaining staff morale is a tricky and vital task of management. Trouble is there is a huge vacuum of six senior managers whose positions are vacant. They include such core positions as finance, planning and engineering.

For a five-year administration that prides itself in creating policy and strategies, this proposal illustrates a dismal failure in managing human resources.

Buying a $150,000 software package is not going to solve the underlying staff morale problem.

The Mayor states the number of employees (1,500) but is not specific in terms of who is included. The 2012 budget is $174,000,000 and consists of some 85 per cent for employee costs. The Mayor’s blog stated the 2012 budget was $200 million.

Despite not being accurate, employee costs calls for careful and responsible hands–on management.

But then money management was never one of the Mayor’s strong suits.

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