Where, Oh Where, is our new Chief Financial Officer?


When the city approved its 2012 budget, it was signed, among other senior staffers, by Deputy Treasurer Susan Arun, acting as Chief Financial Officer (CF0).

Former CFO Margaret Neubaur was fired last May. Susan Arun was installed as a temporary CFO while a replacement was recruited. Her predecessor, David Kennedy, long-time CFO was also dismissed by the Farbridge administration.

Well, here we are some 10 months later and Ms. Arun is still the senior financial manager in the city hierarchy. There was one abortive appointment when former deputy senior staffer from Kitchener, Dan Chapman, lasted one week on the job.

This is not to cast aspersions on Ms. Arun. She was thrust into the job by a decision made by outgoing Chief Administration Officer Hans Loewig and his sidekick Mark Amorosi, Executive Direct of Human Resources and Legal Services.

It was a tawdry affair to frog-march a capable CFO off the good ship Farbridge, not even allowing her to go back into the council chamber to pick up her belongings. That execution will have a long-term effect on the city administration’s reputation in hiring senior staff.

Even today, city officials have given no explanation why Ms. Neubaur was summarily dismissed without cause last year after three years on the job.

It is yet another example of how Mayor Karen Farbridge and her Gang of Seven have been systematically changing the city to meet their own agenda. Somehow they seem incapable of keeping their sticky fingers out of the routine management of the city.

How do you run a corporation with a budget of some $174 million without the supervision of a senior financial overseer with experience and the credentials to do the job?

Why does it take all this time to fill the job?

Taxpayers should be concerned about this disregard of managing the city’s finances.

There us ample evidence of mismanagement of funds and excessive spending resulting in the debt maximum threshold being shattered. The result of this is that future councils will have to clean up the debt mess and the fall-out of public confidence.

That horse left the stable about two years ago.



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4 responses to “Where, Oh Where, is our new Chief Financial Officer?

  1. paul phelan

    There isn’t a broom big enough to sweep the Farbridge Seven out of town!!!!!!! Hopefully the citizens of Guelph will wake up when the next election comes about and vote in a mayor who has an idea about finances and how to run a city….councillors will follow accordingly once they have a leader who knows how to lead…..

  2. Ruby

    Never could understand why the city takes so long to hire folks now.

    It wasn’t always that way. Seems that “new Guelph” is just a very “special” and “sophisticated” breed of folks that no else really “gets” or “understands”.

    Maybe next time if more normal people get out and vote, we will get back to common sense and responsible fiscal management.

  3. Sally Reese

    hold on here, Neubauer was dismissed with good reason. You don’t have all the facts. Safer for the City she is gone. Someone said she is working as an administrator at the niagara parks commission, where she has repeated the same hiring practise of stacking her department with tons of new staff overloading the budget. Do some research

    • Sally Reese: I’d be interested in your source. Perhaps you can shed some light on why former CFO Ms, Neubaur was fired. Does your criteria apply to Mr. Kennedy? Was he too larding the staff as you allege. We’d all be interested in your real agenda.

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