The Yokel affect in U.S. Politics

This week, Rick Santorum, Republican candidate for the U.S.Presidency, swept the two poorest states in the Union – Alabama and Mississippi. He defeated his two main opponents for the party’s nomination for the Presidency

Mitt Romney, the self appointed front-runner in the Republican primaries having secured more than four hundred delegates, took a pasting in both primary elections.

It is interesting to examine the math in the two states particularly Mississippi where 97 per cent of those voting were white while 40 per cent of the state is composed of black residents.

Here is a state where the poverty rate is among the highest in the nation. Yet the Republican voters turned to support a white, evangelical Christian in Rick Santorum.

Go figure.

Santorum is a defeated U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania who home-schools his children. He eschews higher education calling President Barack Obama a “snob” for promoting higher education for students.

He is against abortion for any reason and wants to eliminate contraception for women. His comments have stirred women across the country to protest his interference in women’s health issues.

More than 50 years ago the right of women to use contraception was approved. Yet today the issue is being used as a wedge issue to further Santorum’s personal narrow agenda of denying women their rights.

The irony is Republican voters are supporting these views by voting for this throwback to the 19th century.

I call it the Yokel Vote.  Chiefly right wing conservatives who are determined to throw the President out of office next November support Santorum. It is a mantra that has expressed itself in Congress by the stonewalling of progressive legislation proposed by the President to improve the moribund economy by creating jobs.

Can the first black President be hated so much particularly in the South where racism still persists?

You have to go back to the U.S. Civil War to match the hatred for a U.S. president who freed the slaves and defeated the Southern secessionists. His name was Abraham Lincoln and he was a Republican and white. He was also assassinated following the end of the war of the states.

Voting for any one of the three republican candidates in November this year will result in reduction of federal government entitlement spending including Medicare and Medicaid, food stamp programs, support of Planned Parenthood clinics for the poor, veteran benefits plus a host of programs that all three have vowed to reduce and to cut taxes for the rich.

If you were among America’s unemployed, poor and disenfranchised, why would you vote for these guys?

Has the Republican Party lost its senses? By projecting the failed policies of the right in which former President George W. Bush so miserably failed? We now know the outcome of that term of office and its effect on the world economy.

You don’t have to be black or white to vote Republican, just plain dumb.



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  1. Robert Rozzi

    This old style hateful self-serving rant, ends my interest & respect for your opinions.

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