When the Mayor says yes but means no

There was a dust-up recently when Coun. Karl Wettstein leaked two statements to the Guelph Mercury that were made in a council closed door session.

Both statements concerned the health board dispute and its outcome. One claimed the city won 99 points on the legal wrangle but lost on one. Translation: The city lost the legal case and is forced to spend some $10 million to build the new public health headquarters on Stone Road.

The second leaked story by Wettstein concerned a closed door discussion about responding to the city representatives rejoining the health board. It contained provocative and aggravating demands by the city which it attempted to impose on the health board. The response from members of the board was predictable. The great divide between city and county officials grows wider.

The Mayor was asked how this could have happened. Her response was she didn’t read either the Monday or Tuesday editions of the Mercury. When provided with copies she acknowledged that she would “speak to Karl” and instruct her communications team to conduct a seminar for councillors on dealing with the press.

Is this a great way to run a city or what?

Spinning a story in which the city council lost big-time to make it look like it was right all along, is the lowest form of specious propaganda. It is apparent that the Farbridge administration is in disarray and like a cornered fox in the hen house, it manipulates, prevaricates and spews baseless excuses.

Do I hear the distant beat of drums as the great Guelph majority starting to realize that change must come in 2014?

It’s not a moment too soon.


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2 responses to “When the Mayor says yes but means no

  1. geo

    All this whining being done by the city through the courts appears to me to be a complete waste of time and money. I wonder if you know if the city is setting it’s self up for another financial hit if it turns out there are rules against bringing frivolous actions before the court over and over again?

  2. Bridget


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