The Microbe Motel gets stuffed

The city is moving 75 tons of wet waste to the Microbe Motel to save: Ta Dah! The microbes.

Seems the temperature dropped below 15 Centigrade in one of the biofilter chambers in the new compost plant, threatening death of the resident bugs. These micro composters have been starved these past few weeks as the plant stopped receiving waste because of odour problems.

But now the holiday is over and it’s back to work.

Soon CUPE will be in the chambers organizing these wee beasties who are required to work 24 hours a day.

Who will save the bugs from these unscrupulous taskmasters determined to force them to munch until they drop?

Join the citizen’s protest group FTWRM (Free The Watson Road Microbes).

Put an end to these intolerable working conditions where microbes must work non-stop round the clock and, do it in the dark.

Next thing you know, city staffers will be asked to work eight hours a day.

When will it all stop?



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