A funny thing happened on the way to the Super Bowl

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is pushing a bill to turn Indiana into a right to work state. The bill restricts workers right to organize and bargain among other elements.

Many state citizens, members of trade unions and government workers are outraged at Daniels’ attempt to stifle the union movement.

Mr. Daniels ambition to dismantle established workers rights, may have hit a major roadblock. Seems that the Super Bowl is being held in Indianapolis February 4th.  The National Football League Players Association threatening to boycott the game if Daniels pursues his mission.

What delicious irony. Daniels doesn’t dare foul up the biggest game of the year that happens to occur in his own backyard. Perhaps he will learn, first hand, how difficult it is to force something down the throats of the labor movement in his state.

Daniels is being touted as the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next August. He is seen as a darling to the right following his career as former President George W. Bush’s budget chief.

It was Daniels who estimated the cost of the Iraq war would be $50 billion. The final cost was $800 billion and still counting. When he took over as White House budget chief, he inherited a $126 billion surplus. When he left the job, the federal deficit was more than a trillion.

He was complicit in contributing to George W. Bush’s economic disaster that brought about the greatest recession in America since the Great Depression.

Yet his fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate deny job creation programs, put forward by the Obama Administration, to reduce unemployment and stimulate the nation’s economy.

Daniels joins other Republican governors who came to power in the 2010 elections. They have bungled efforts to get the economy growing by introducing ideological self-serving measures that has exacerbated the economic decline of the country.

Rick Scott in Florida and Scott Walker in Wisconsin are two governors who have little support among voters after their draconian measures have not created jobs and have reduced services. Scott has a 26 per cent approval rating and Walker faces a recall election after more than a million petitions were delivered to the registrar of elections.

Perhaps the Republicans need to do some naval examination to re-tool the party.

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