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                                    For the birds

It’s not often an editorial is for the birds, but the Mercury did it recently with its tome about moving the geese from Riverside Park when the New Year fireworks display takes place. The task has fallen on members of the sponsoring Rotary Club, that happy band of pyromaniacs, who are charged with shooing the birds away from the action. Just when you’re having so much fun entertaining the crowds, you have to play game warden and double as poo patroller. It’s a thankless task but someone has to do it. There will be a goose sale the following day

                                    How to lose an election

Letter writer David Starr in the Mercury admonishes council for ignoring the recorded vote in January 2011 in which Coun. Gloria Kovach was appointed for four years on the Guelph Police Services Board. Instead. the Gang of Eight Farbridge supporters on council ignored their own decision. They allowed Coun. Leanne Piper to run it up the flagpole and get herself appointed to the Police Board. Both votes, to dump Ms. Kovach and appoint Coun. Piper, were by an eight to five margin. Media Watch agrees with Mr. Starr that voters should remember this engineered event in 2013.

                                    A tirade against developers

You have to admire the guts of John McMurtry. His letter in the Mercury proclaims the city to be the best place in which to live in Canada. He dumps on developers as grasping to line their own pockets and don’t care about the impact on the city. John is one of some diehard citizens who don’t want the city to grow and change. They forget it was developers who built the city; it was elected officials who worked with developers over the years to make our city a great place to live. John, hang onto your principles because Guelph will enter the true golden age once the current administration is defeated in 2013. Count on it.

                                    Is Mayor Farbridge smart by half?

The Guelph Tribune editorializes that the Mayor is meeting head on the leaked report that the city is seen as anti-development and anti-business.  The Mayor has decided to have the council’s governance committee that she chairs, study the accusations. Brilliant! Get the people responsible to study why the accusations were made in the first place. Look inwardly, my dears. The truth lies at your feet. Talk about setting the fox among the chickens! The Trib sorta walked a fine line in the editorial. They are right stating the fallout might just be starting.

               Will that be Costco or hand wringing from the Left?

The Mercury wrote an editorial that was pure motherhood crafted not to offend anyone.  Using the term “locals” to describe the more than 120,000 permanent residents is presumptuous. It was a minority of avowed heritage zealots that were determined to save the convent (we know what happened there) and the Mitchell farmhouse. Well, one out of two isn’t bad. The heritage game was always a game of inches – or is that millemetres? The Mitchell house was taken down and is currently stored in a city yard on Victoria Street. If the heritage folks would like to take on the task of rebuilding it, now is the time with their leader, Leanne Piper, on council to take on that project. Where do I sign up for a Costco card?

                           It isn’t what you know but whom you know

In a letter in the Mercury, letter writer J. David McAuley, states he has never had a problem dealing with the Guelph city officials in more than 37 years. He further states he has served in some 200 Ontario municipalities and says working with Guelph officials is a pleasure. Is that why the two senior managers in the planning department have left? He adds that in Guelph, unlike in other communities, he deals with real people. Good heavens, I hope so! J. David is obviously experienced, but it’s a stretch to claim his relationship with city staff is comparable to kumbyah. When are the Farbridge’s coming over for dinner?

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