Guelphspeaks reaches record number of daily viewers

It seems more and more people are consistently logging into for the latest news and commentary about what’s happening in their city.

This is indeed gratifying. The intent was always give all citizens the opportunity to contribute to the website either through a commentary or specific point of view. There has been a growing response to making the modern Internet access to express your views and enjoy the content. is the people’s website. While editor Gerry Barker reserves the right to edit submissions, the point of the exercise is to deliver varied commentary on current information based on facts.

Shy about writing a submission? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a writer or journalist to contribute to The editor will work with you so that your views represent your true feelings.

Many readers, I like to call them spotters, have provided key information that has made the most read and followed of any blog in the city, every day, seven days a week.

So Guelph, it’s your website. Join in and make your voice heard. Welcome to the fastest growing electronic voice in the area.

You won’t pay a subscription, read news that is a day late or advertisements. What you will read is fair commentary, with posts published almost daily that are not beholden to any corporate or municipal entity.

Submissions should be sent to Comments can be submitted directly to the website.

Guelphspeaks is yours, help yourself.

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One response to “Guelphspeaks reaches record number of daily viewers

  1. give me the stats

    so you reached a record number, how many visits is it? I’m talking about unique pageviews, not the amount of times you refreshed the page. A record number doesn’t mean much, if 1 person looked at it yesterday and 2 people did today (100% increase) it sounds good if you leave out the actually stats.

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