The truth of the Piper power play

Dear Addressees:The following is an excerpt from the Subject meeting which bears on the question of Councillor Kovach’s summary removal from the Police Services Board:

“23. Moved by Councillor Laidlaw
Seconded by Councillor Furfaro
THAT Mayor Farbridge and Councillor Kovach be appointed to the Guelph Police Services Board for a four
year term expiring November,2014.

VOTING IN FAVOUR:Councillors Bell,Findlay,Furfaro,
Guthrie,Hofland,Kovach,Laidlaw,Piper,Van Hellemond,
Wettstein and Farbridge (11)


Does this not make it clear? Even Coun. Leanne Piper voted in January 2011 to appoint Coun. Gloria Kovach to the Guelph Police Services Commission for four years.

Why did Mayor Karen Farbridge allow this to be changed? A legally appointed member of Council was prevented from performing her appointed responsibilities. She was deposed by an 8 to 5 vote to satisfy the pure political lust of another councillor. Coun. Piper manipulated deposing a veteran and accomplished councillor. Then, was voted in by an 8 to 5 margin to replace Coun. Kovach

As the Late Ronald Reagan used to say: “There they go again.”



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4 responses to “The truth of the Piper power play

  1. Paul

    What you did not mention was the abuse of power by the Mayor and her Gang of Eight!(Which includes the Mayor).
    A previous decision of Council must be agreed to by a motion to revisit according to the procedural by-law. Said motion to revisit MUST BE APPROVED BY A 2/3 MAJORITY or in the case of Guelph NINE votes. But alas for the Mayor and Piper the Group of eight are one vote short of that. OK lets play fast and loose with the by-law and put up a “motion to revisit”! Wow have you ever seen such a brassy game of avoiding the rules? Why didn’t any Councillor rise and challenge this inappropriate motion. Well lets forgive the newbies on Council, they are still pretty green, and maybe the voters will choose not to recycle them in the next electio!n. Kovach was probably in shock over this blatant act of sabotage by Piper. But what about the “seasoned” Councillors like June Hofland, Maggie Laidlaw, Karl Wettstein. Ian Findlay, Bob Bell and of course Mayor Farbridge herself. Also what about the pecuniary interest by Piper. Since the position pays an honorarium tjhen Piper had a monetary interest in the motion she should have abstained from making the motion and then volunteering for the vacated job? Subsequently the Mayor commented that at least three Councillors were interested in the Police Services appointment, then why did only Piper “volunteer” This one stinks even worse than the Mayor’s beloved Compost Plant. Looks to me like the fix was in. Is this democratic? I doubt it very much

    • Paul: I think your comments are shared by most citizens in Guelph. I have maintained that this power play is one of many that the Farbridge gang has perpetrated over the past five years. The Lulu in my mind was moving the civic museum into the derelict Loretto Convent. Started in 2007, the cost was estimated to be $12.7 million. The end cost of this is unknown except the city has admitted a cost over-run of $2.8 million and counting. The project is still not completed. We have to stop the abuse of power that this Farbridge-dominated council is ramming down our throats. A first step is to insist that the Piper appointment to the Police Services board be rescinded and restore Coun. Kovach into the position.

  2. Paul

    What people must be aware of and remember is that under the previous Mayor (Quarrie) the new library was to be constructed in 2009. Farbridge and Co. voted to set this back indefinitely without a note of complaint from the Library Board, the Friends of Guelph and other supporters of this misspending bunch. Compare that to the attacks on Quarrie when she asked the Council to defer the Library construction from 2005 to 2009 because the coffers were bare thanks to the drained City coffers from in Farbridge’s first term as Mayor, –
    Now what people must be reminded of was that the Civic Museum was looking for was about 25000 sq. ft. and the present Library has about 30000 sq. ft.! It would have fit in nicely, the Museum would pick up the metered parking lot as a source of revenue and after renovatioins the City taxpayer would have avoided spending .
    What does it take to wake up the voters in this City?over $15 millions on a heritage building that the Diocese had no further use for. I oppose the City erecting buildings on property they do not own – that is just dumb.

  3. Craig Chamberlain

    (Just to clarify, Councillor Bell spoke against revisiting the appointment and voted against it, if I’m not mistaken.)

    If there is a trap here it would to have another vote to again revisit the appointment, and have the motion “fail” with the same 8-5 outcome…

    I agree with you, Paul, that given the contentious nature of the motion, it would have been best had Councillor Piper abstained altogether from the voting — putting the matter completely in the hands of the others on Council. If she had done this, and the motion carried, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it.

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