This report is a major embarrassment to the City of Guelph

The independent report on the City of Guelph management is evidence of the administration operations that has created out of control debt and stifled job creation. Interference of staff operations by the majority of elected members of council has created low staff morale. It also identifies the bias of the majority of Council to deter business and housing development.

Who are the majority in council, this gang of eight? Start with Mayor Karen Farbridge who is the leader of this group; add Lise Burcher, Maggie Laidlaw, June Hofland, Ian Findlay, Todd Dennis, Karl Wettstein and Leanne Piper.

This group almost always votes as a bloc. Independent thinking is absent, as the Mayor’s agenda and that of her closet (sic) advisors is followed to the letter.

People have power. Now is the time to demand their elected representatives to control the soaring debt by freezing spending and correcting mismanagement practices.

If they don’t respond, petition the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to appoint an assessor to review all city operations.

The city is in virtual receivership as this is written due to council’s mismanagement of finances and staff.

The absence of a qualified Chief Financial Officer since last May is evidence of malfeasance on the part of council.

The so-called executive director system created in 2010 is an abject failure.

Further evidence lies in the appointment of Ann Pappert as Chief Administrative Officer after an expensive and phony job search by an outside headhunter. The gang of eight wanted a pliable patsy in the job.

The only solution is to demand a review of city operations by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to take the necessary action to clean up this mess.

When the petition is prepared, I’ll put my name on it.


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