Knucklehead politics

If I had to vote today for an Ontario Premier, my instinct tells me none of those below.

Tory Tim Hudak is no Bill Davis with a Mike Harris taint. Liberal Dalton McGuinty has mired the province in debt with his social engineering policies. Andrea Horwath of the NDP is no Jack Layton and would throw up a wall of protectionism that would bury the provincial economy.

Some of the most inane and nonsensical statements and plans for the future of the province have emanated from the leader’s collective lips.

This is a typical “hold-your-nose and vote” campaign.

The best outcome would be a Tory minority with the Grits and NDP holding Tim Hudak’s political feet to work the middle of the political spectrum.

Perhaps then fiscal responsibility could be restored without seriously damaging the province’s social programs. With McGuinty’s Ontario, we have become a “have not” province now receiving a $2.2 million share of the federal equalization program.

Whatever happened to Ontario being the economic engine of Canada?

Whatever, please vote on Thursday. If not, we may get the government almost nobody wanted.

Gerry Barker


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