Guelph is a haven for endangered species

Reading the papers, it is noted that the nesting place of Chimney Swifts delayed the tearing down of two, derelict city owned properties on Wyndom Street.

The birds apparently have flown the coop, so to speak.

It reminds us of the late lament of the rare Jefferson Salamander used as the reason to delay the city owned Hanlon Business Park development for 12 months. A handful of anarchists, urban terrorists and fellow travelers took the city to court and were subsequently proved to be wrong in their theory they were saving the salamander.

When will this council decide to get out of the rare species business and get on with the public business?

The question begs an answer: When will the city’s industrial development team announce the capturing of a real business with real jobs in the Hanlon Park? Selling land to a developer does not create jobs.

Channeling Chimney Swift migrations and mythical Jefferson Salamanders may in interesting to city staffers but jobs are what’s needed.

With Ontario’s unemployment figures greater than that of Quebec, it’s time to get off the pot and make Guelph a haven for business and jobs.

Council, get your head out of the sand and start working to promote jobs in the city. All the policies of the past are superficial when it comes to building the economic base of Guelph. Let’s hope the majority get it.


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2 responses to “Guelph is a haven for endangered species

  1. j

    Guelph has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, Your salamander and chimney swift mentions are completely out of context. It’s unfortunate that blogs exist so people like you can spread their ignorance.

    • Gee, was it necessary to get personal? I’m not sure your statement that Guelph has the lowest unemployment rate in the Country is true… I’m not able to check them all. If it is accurate, it must be due to all those employees working in the public sector in Guelph who do not experience lay-offs or cut-backs or salary reductions. In fact, despite current economic conditions, most public employees are getting increases in benefits and pay.
      You are obviously not aware of the residential assessment ratio (84 per cent) as compared to the industrial/commercial assessment (16 per cent).
      This has changed little in the past five years of the Farbridge administration. As usual, individual property taxpayers are carrying the revenue load for this city.
      I’m curious. I put my name on what I write, why don’t you?

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