Guelph’s new downtown library is a dead duck


On September 14, the Guelph Library Board is holding a public meeting to describe details of the proposed building estimated to cost $53 million that they say is to be completed by 2017.

Guess no one told them that the new downtown library isn’t scheduled in the city’s revised capital planning budget before 2021.

Isn’t a little early to be informing the public of the plans including architectural details?

The best guess is that the Board members are convinced the money is there to build their edifice … it isn’t. Or they are optimists that the Library fairy will make it happen … that won’t work either.

It’s typical of the mindset of the Farbridge administration and its fellow travelers sprinkled among the various public boards and community groups. Public money is there to be spent.

Now there is no money for the major capital projects including the $15 million to be spent over three years for garbage bins and special trucks to load the contents. Sorry council, you can’t turn back on that one as your spanking new wet waste management plant cannot receive material in plastic bags.

Talk about being caught between a diaper and rotten tomatoes.

Estimates of money to be made selling recyclables at the new plant are being challenged by private operators offering more money for the stuff.

So Guelph is stuck with an overbuilt $32 million waste management plant that has a lifespan of 20 years. Plus there’s a $15 million collection system that has an even shorter lifespan.

It’s predictable that the people who made that decision won’t even be around then.

But the taxpayers will. And they’ll still be paying for it.




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