New Guelph bus logos unneccessary

I am not only alarmed, but totally disgusted with the way City Staff are spending my money.  How dare you fritter it away on totally unnecessary things like new logos on buses when there are so many other things that are necessary in the City.  And where are the controls on these spendthrifts?  Where was the Mayor or the CAO of Guelph?   I know that this decision was not made by Council, so who is running this City?  I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would do anything like this when the City is in the financial bind that it is.
With the way this City (staff) is spending money (which belongs to you and me) quite frankly it makes me extremely nervous.  The thought has occurred to me that it might be wise to leave Guelph entirely before this City totally self-destructs.
A Concerned taxpaying citizen,

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One response to “New Guelph bus logos unneccessary

  1. I too am concerned about the new transit logo, not just because of the logo but because of all the other “rebranding” that will have to go along with it: new decals for the buses, new signage, new print materials. While the city tends to use Macmillan for their design work, thus putting money into the local economy, the unnecessary costs just don’t justify it.

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