Is Toronto the perennial graveyard of professional sports?


Pro Sports in Toronto is like an ongoing athletic soap drama. Long on drama and short on winning.

Can anyone remember the last time a Toronto team made it to the play-offs?

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s (MLSE) stable of Leafs, Marlies, Raptors and the non-name soccer team is long on sports and woefully short on entertainment.

Rogers’s ownership of the Blue Jays has not provided fans with a run for the pennant for years. Despite having Jose Bautista, the best slugger in baseball, the Jays win one and lose the next. The startling stat is when they play in daylight they lose 27 while winning only 15. Maybe it’s time for the team ophthalmologist to check the eye-to-hand coordination of the Blue crew. Guys: It’s pitching, catching and hitting with the occasional burst of speed.

For some weird reason, the Toronto Maple Leafs fill the rink every game despite some of the most dreadful play that make fans want to throw up. But they keep coming back for more although most of us couldn’t afford a seat in the A-C.

Blush! I am an original long-time Leafs and Argonaut fan. I’m old enough to remember Argo all stars Joe Krol and Royal Copeland. I bleed blue.

It saddens me to see the Argos blow game after game because the team lacks a sustaining offence. So, what do they do, they fire the defensive coordinator. I don’t see a turn around this season without better quarterbacking and an O-line that hold the rush for the three-steamboat count.

So, MLSE brings in Brian Burke at Leaf’s GM. It’s announced that last year was a rebuilding year. The Kessel trade turned out to be a dud because they couldn’t hire a centre to feed him the puck. The back-story is the kid they sent to Boston for Kessel was Tyler Seguin who played great in the Bruins Stanley Cup wins this spring.

This is the year Leaf coach Ron Wilson has to produce. There are still a lot of if’s and what ifs on the table and ice.

To make matters gloomier, the Buffalo Bills don’t look any more promising than the Argos.

Sigh! It’s a sad day for Hogtown. Go you ‘Cats!

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