The Three Stooges would have finished the job by now

In the weekly tabloid, writer Alan Pickersgill tut-tutted about the Three Stooges affair. In low dudgeon, Alan, a card-carrying member of the Free Lunch Party, aka the NDP, opined “the city has an obligation to defend the integrity and reputation of the people who work for it.”

Oh, so that rule went out the window when former financial chief Margaret Neubaur was frog-marched off the good ship Guelph escorted by CAO Hans Loewig and Executive Director Mark Amorosi. Her messy dismissal sure emphasized the city defending her integrity and reputation.

As it turns out Mr. Loewig is pretty good at firing people. His most outstanding dismissal was firing the original contractor of the new city hall. Council was never consulted nor authorized that firing. It could end up costing the city $19 million if it loses the lawsuit launched by the contractor.

Here’s a light-hearted quiz about the ethics of city employees.

Should the employee be allowed to eat ham sandwiches at his or her workstation?

Answer: Yes so long as the ham came from pigs grown within a ten-mile radius of Guelph. Sorry Schneiders.

Can an employee leave early Fridays?

Answer:  Of course, just tell your supervisor your other supervisor gave permission.

Top ten excuses for an employee to miss a deadline.

Answers:       If it interferes with the employee’s vacation

The dog ate the blueprints.

The computer crashed while watching porn.

That lobster lunch paid by a supplier caused heartburn.

Was busy cutting the Mayor’s lawn.

I had to attend a convention in Banff Springs

I was up all night with the baby.

I bumped Hans Loewig’s car in the parking garage.

I fell off the roof at my summer cottage.

I accidently shredded the contract.

Yes, Pickersgill may be right. City employees need protection because of the dangerous work they do. Trouble is when does the work get done and on time? When there are no consequences in performing one’s job, you get what is happening in the streets of Guelph today.

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