Giving the Three Stooges a bad name

The city backed off its threat to sue a small businessman for calling the city staff responsible for supervising construction of Carden Street as Larry, Curly and Moe, aka the Three Stooges.

What on earth prompted the administration to even consider such a move?

Would the city brain trust have been more comfortable calling those staffers responsible nobs, henchmen, yobs, and jerks? Hell no, I think the Three Stooges description got it right. It certainly got the attention of the city leaders.

These planners, I use the term loosely, have managed to go home every night without remorse and a hefty pay packet. They have no concern abut cash flow, customers, and access to a business or dealing with the bankers. They have the luxury of walking away every night without concern about the impact of their decisions on taxpayers. It’s called the job with no consequences.

And that lame duck windbag, Chief Administration Officer Hans Loewig has the audacity to demand an apology. At the same time the city announced it would not proceed with a libel suit. Did I mention he’s leaving?

Where was the Mayor when the city legal department was issuing notices of libel?

Did she sanction the threats to these downtrodden business folks to shut up or we will sue you?

How thin are their skins.

The senior city staff should wake up and smell the coffee. Through years of uninterrupted construction, the city has brought a number of these small businesses to their financial knees. Sloppy planning, irresponsible coordination of contractors and their subs and determination to create a “Market Square” that is another monument to a Farbridge dominated council.

This remains an example of mindless ambition, disregard of the needs of citizens and consequences. Indeed the description fits those staff persons who have turned the city into a nightmare of traffic chaos.

Tell council that we are mad as hell and won’t take it any more. Demand they stop the arrogance and rationally deal with the problems the city’s citizens face. The staff must be reshuffled eliminating the fog of disorganization and focus on meeting the needs of the citizens.


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7 responses to “Giving the Three Stooges a bad name

  1. Not amused

    “Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt”
    Oh yes – another 16 tons of manure from City Hall started by Councillor Piper – on behalf of -?????
    Time to get rid of this heritage hypocrit and a few others that support the continuing increase in taxes for no reason other than a wasted new Museum, removal of on street parking on Carden Street for some “not made in Canada” paving stones. What ever happened to the buy local 100 mile crap?
    The majority on this Council are pathetic and that includes Wart 6 newbie Toad D.

  2. blah

    Wow, are you ever ignorant! You don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about if you think city staff don’t care about this. It was not years of uninterrupted construction, in fact, Carden St was barely affected until last summer. What hurt the businesses most was their lack of marketing skills, and negative comments perpetuated by the Guelph Mercury. Of course no one wanted to go downtown when all the businesses told them not to. And after ‘5 years’ of construction, the businesses decided that it was time to do some kind of event now? Maybe they should have thought of this a long time ago instead of wasting all their time whining.

    • Dunno what planet you are from but stop perpetuating the myth that Carden Street’s problems only began last summer. To blame the business folks and the Mercury for this mess, is akin to saying Mrs. Lincoln enjoyed the play. Obviously blah doesn’t own a car or shop downtown to experience the havoc created by lousy planning and execution.

  3. blah

    I’m from Earth, more specifically Guelph and I have walked down and shopped on Carden st almost every day for over 5 years. I believe that qualifies me to say what I did. Construction does affect business, but not doing anything about it until now only proves that the suffering business owners probably don’t have the skills required to run a successful business. Several other businesses on Carden St were doing fine, until about a month ago when the Mercury and select businesses started their campaign to keep everyone away from downtown just to sell a few papers or prove a point. You aren’t helping either. Funny how you read about a new promotion from Carden st to win some gift certificates in the Mercury, but there isn’t a single sign in any store that says anything about it. A few marketing courses would have gone a long way to help some of those businesses.

    • With such an intimate view of Carden Street and its economics, I would think you would be less critical of the business people and the Mercury. Hopefully you would understand how the city-created chaos can affect small business people. Your disdain for vulnerability is not admirable.

  4. blah

    It’s not my disdain for vulnerability, it’s my disdain for incompetence. Just because you can open a business doesn’t mean you are qualified to own one.

    • So, your interpretation of the downtown construction situation is that it is an issue of incompetence on the part of the business folks affected by the chaos. With that attitude, I respectfully suggest you stay clear of Carden Street in future. When it comes to incompetence, one does not have to look further than city hall. You are right, not everyone is created equal particularly those possessing consummate arrogance.

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