Three Stooges comparison draws fire from Guelph city solicitor

It’s like something out of Dumb and Dumber. Frustrated business folks on Carden Street, fed up with the five-year construction happening on their doorsteps, singled out the city staffers responsible.

Within two hours of the comic comparison involving the staffers overseeing the various construction projects to Larry, Curly and Moe, Coun. Leanne Piper, in a frump, decries the description and defends the staffers. Next came a threat from the city solicitor that a libel suit was being considered.

Hasn’t she got enough to do with the $23 million in pending lawsuits against the city than to launch this silly response? Let the three named staffers tackle that one. Yeah, like the good name of Guelph has been besmirched.

Then along comes the Mayor with an op-ed piece in the Mercury thanking citizens for their patience during the “unprecedented work on our aging buildings, roads sewers and water system.”

In her tripartite tribute, the Mayor went on to thank the contractors charged with doing the work.

The third thank you goes to the men and women on the “engineering team” and those employees charged with coordinating multiple contractors.

Mea Culpa.  Things don’t always go according to plan, the Mayor admits.

Mayor, the bottom line is that your administration has mired Carden Street in a sloppy 60-month construction mess that is far beyond reason.  You talk out of both sides of your mouth by crowing that downtown is to be the jewel of the city and a vibrant place for all citizens.

Then your solicitor threatens a lawsuit when people complain about chaos affecting their businesses.

It’s almost as if the city wants rid of the Carden Street merchants to spiffy up the so-called Market Square with its $2 million rink and water feature. A project by the way, that all of them were forced to contribute $200,000 through the Downtown Guelph Business Association.

You’re expecting maybe a Holt Renfrew store across the road?

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