They should have hired Noah

Noah built his Arc to save the animals from the great flood in 45 days and nights.

It’s been 1,320 days since Norfolk between Waterloo and Woolwich, has been torn up, dug up again, and again, blockaded and forced motorists to detour endlessly. Today the contractor has raised the manhole covers to accommodate the second and final asphalt coating.

God would not be amused.

It’s a boon for suspension specialists as motorists bring their cars in after wrecking the shocks and springs hitting the raised covers.

There have been more middle finger salutes on that stretch than in the rest of the city combined.

The street’s redesign is predictably proving to be a disaster. What was once a four- lane road with bike lanes is now squeezed into two lanes.

Throw the cyclists and buses into the mix and you have Guelph’s version of carmageddon.

Noah would have turned this main street into Guelph’s Autoban.

Where is there a good carpenter when we need him?

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