Wait, wait, and wait for it!

It’s a multiple-choice questionaire

Guelpspeaks offers readers a quiz on events in our city.

It’s not exactly Jeopardy! But fun.

Answers are found below.

During the announcement that Guelph Chief Administration Officer Hans Loewig was stepping down before the end of his contract, he did what?

1.   Checked his golf handicap.

2.   Remembered to pick-up bratwurst from the deli

3.  Promised to stick around to school his successor.

4.  Fire the Mexican gardener at his Phoenix hacienda.

The Guelph City staff reported to the finance committee recently to ensure

Council’s closed-door sessions are as open to the public as possible. What happened?

  1. Mayor Karen Farbridge ordered anchovies on her pizza.
  2. Coun. Maggie Laidlaw brought a bigger handbag to scoop the uneaten sandwiches after the closed-door meeting.
  3. Chaired by the Mayor, the report was endorsed by the governance committee
  4. Baseball bats are no longer allowed in the closed-door meetings.

Last summer when the staff senior management was reorganized, why was it necessary?

  1. Hans Loewig missed a putt on the 13 at the Phoenix County Club pro-amateur.
  2. Mark Amorosi calculated that there should be less garlic in the mayor’s pizza.
  3. Mayor Farbridge was in Europe psyching up for the fall election.
  4. Somebody had to make decisions before the election.

Why did the environmental department under chief Janet Laird, miss the provincial ruling that it would not accept plastic in a compost plant under construction?

  1. She was too busy studying Aristotle.
  2. Her new role of being in charge of city engineering was above her pay grade.
  3. The province changed the rules in the middle of negotiating the building of the new compost plant.
  4. She always felt that managing garbage was beneath her dignity.

How come the intermodal transit terminal on Carden Street cost $11.4 Million while city officials maintained it would cost $8 million?

  1. Too many Red Bulls consumed during communications planning informing taxpayers of the real number.
  2. Manipulation of the numbers was necessary to convince senior government auditors of the need for stimulus bucks.
  3. The transportation committee of Council went on vacation.
  4. Former treasurer Margaret Neubaur knew the truth but she is no longer around.


Number 3 – Mr. Loewig seemed more than willing to assist his successor take over as CAO. Given that his periodic absences during his tenure as CAO didn’t seem to be a burden on the city administration, why stick around now?

Number 3 – After more than seven years in office, the Mayor agrees that closed-door meetings must be limited in scope of subject matter and pass the test of transparency and public scrutiny.  She must have bitten her lip to agree to that.

Number 4 – It was apparent that Mr. Loewig was unable to carry on his duties in a consistent manner. The senior management was reorganized into an executive committee of four major department heads to fill the top management void. This was necessary to maintain continuity prior to the fall election.

Number 3 – It’s difficult to imagine a department head holding a PhD in philosophy ends up as environmental chief in charge of waste removal management and engineering. Dr. Laird has managed to steer the city into mega projects that are complex and expensive. Sometimes a door opens … and closes.

Number 2 – It was smoke and mirrors to impress senior government auditors of the scope of the project thereby getting more dollars. It didn’t work because the auditors refused to include in the grant application the $3.4 million it cost for purchasing lands around the project.

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