Top Ten reasons why Guelph is out of money

Number 10.  Spending $80,000 for offices in the new city hall for new staffers.

Number 9.   Spending $2 million dollars on elevated Stone Road bike paths.

Number 8.  Spending $45,000 to search for a new Chief Administration Officer.

Number 7.  Spending more than $16 million to resurrect a 150-year old Loretto convent for a civic museum that the Roman Catholic Church wanted to turn into a parking lot.

Number 6.  Promising to build a new $53 million downtown library on the Baker Street parking lot, instead bought three properties on Wyndham Street for $5 million.

Number 5.  Spent $32 million on a new composting plant only to discover an additional $15 million was needed for special bins and trucks to transfer waste material to the plant.

Number 4.  Facing an unprecedented number of lawsuits yet to be litigated and potentially costing taxpayers more than $25 million for which there is no budget provision.

Number 3.  Called in a $30 million note owed by Guelph Hydro to pay for capital projects including its $22 million share of the $66 million federal/provincial stimulus program.

Number 2.  Allowed anarchists to occupy the Hanlon Business Park site in 2009 halting construction and costing more than $2.5 million. It has yet to see a new business established there.

Number 1.  With revenue producing assessment growing by 1.5 per cent per year, does it make sense to increase spending by 3 per cent over the $167 million budget? That’s $5 million each year.

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