Weekend tales when the moon is full

A Milton motorcyclist runs a radar speed trap Sunday afternoon, speeds away weaving through Hanlon traffic and misses the turn on Wellington Street and ends up dead in a Hamilton hospital. The entitlement syndrome rises again as some believe they are above the law.

A guy spits on a Guelph Police cruiser downtown Saturday night and fired his second spittle in the face of the officer. As a result he was charged with mischief causing damage under $5,000 and assaulting a police officer. Moral of the story: Keep your spit to yourself.

A 71 tear-old motorist flashes his light to warn drivers on Wellington Street in Guelph of a radar speed trap and is nailed for an expired licence sticker and invalid driver’s licence. He was fined $435. Question: Did this “Samaritan” carry any insurance?

Finally, there was the Danish woman visitor in North Battleford, Sask., who went into the woods to relieve herself at a campsite.  A camper who thought she was a bear shot her. Fortunately, the guy was a lousy shot and although he hit her, the wound was treated in hospital and she was released.  Relations between Denmark and Canada are strained.

Speaking of cops, Rupert “Nero” Murdoch is playing fiddle while his empire burns. Two top British police commanders have resigned and his favourite Brit Editor in Chief has been detained for questioning in the ongoing hacking scandal. The question is, when will the scandal migrate to North America when Murdoch’s NewsCorp operates the Wall Street Journal, The New York tabloid Post and Fox news among others.

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