The great Guelph brick bollix

Paving bricks to complete reopening Carden Street were ordered from a company in New York State. Someone in City Hall placed this order, but whom? The supplier has consistently missed delivery deadlines. The result is delays and more delays.

It now appears that the street, promised to reopen July 15, will remain closed for at least another two weeks.

The cynics among us figure it will open about the same time as the new Civic Museum.

Sometime in the fall, maybe.

One of the questions being asked is why were bricks ordered from a U.S. supplier? Also, was there a non-delivery penalty as part of the contract? Who signed the order? How was the decision reached? Did council or ward representatives have any say in the decision?

The continuing sad saga of a horribly mismanaged Carden Street rejuvenation, now in its sixth year, has business owners seething and frustrated as deadlines are not kept.

But no one in the administration owns up to who did what, when, take responsibility or even be accountable.

The simple truth is few in City Hall care about this. The leadership suffers from a lack of understanding the effect of their actions have on downtown business operators.

The arrogance is palpable.

French elitist Marie Antoinette commenting on the revolution by the peasants said: “Let them eat cake.”

It’s an attitude shared by the city leadership and bureaucrats.

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