Have the Yokels taken over America?

Despite the efforts of the informed in the U.S., the elected yokel element is determined to bring the country …  and us down.

The 87 rookie tea-party members of the House of Representatives along with weak-kneed fellow Republican moderates, are promising to defeat any effort to increase the country’s debt limit.

This misguided bunch of political illiterates, devoid of common sense or, for that matter, any sense of what havoc they are creating with their jaded view of how America works. They are unrepentant in denying tax increases for the richest one per cent of American taxpayers and closing tax loopholes enjoyed by major corporations.

They are so dumb that they fail to understand that you cannot just gut government  services, its citizens, and not replace it with revenue.

This is not only a made-in-America struggle, it is a global problem that will affect most countries. Bottom line: America is our biggest trading partner and we are theirs.

If the U.S. debt ceiling is not raised before August 2, there will be massive losses of services, jobs, money and probably an economic depression as America will not be able to pay its bills.

This group has split the Republican party rendering House Speaker John Boehner helpless to manage his recalcitrant caucus.

All of this brought to courtesy of the tea party ideologues and their ignorant right wing supporters.

Canada will feel the fall-out, make no mistake.

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