Will and Kate: An anachronism of faded power

What a nice couple, charming, friendly and the best public relations tool the House of Windsor can produce. They remain a reminder of a tattered, dysfunctional family that is only there by birthright. Also with tons of money that perpetuates the myth that kings and queens are supreme.

What is the benefit to Canadians? Bragging rights to Americans? Yay, Ya we have a monarch, you don’t.

No offense Will and Kate, you are the new royal superstars. You alone will bring the common touch to the job with your open and friendly style. But is it too late for Canadians to accept the British royal family?

What makes one gag is the homage the Royal Tour media dispels with sappy coverage and superficial commentary including the constant and monotonous fashion reference to what Kate is wearing. A stunning young woman, Kate will eclipse her deceased mother-in-law as the people’s princess.

Canadians wish the couple well, including the majority of Quebecers.

But when you look back on the previous generation of Windsors you can only sigh and wish they would go away. Take Will’s father, the incoming King and philanderer, plus his brother and sister both divorced and arrogant in the process.

A trail of sibling sexcapades over which the Queen has had to deal with along with the glowering Duke of Edinborough, has made the House of Windsor a long running Brit soap opera.

Here’s a suggestion: Appoint William Governor General of Canada when David Johnson’s term expires. Will and Kate would fit right in with us. They are young and vibrant and would bring an excitement to our country further uniting our multicultural mosaic.

Will has lots of time. His route to becoming king is well down the road … he has two ahead of him.

If we have to have a monarchy, better to have it with Will and Kate. At least for a while.


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One response to “Will and Kate: An anachronism of faded power

  1. Gil Taylor

    Gee Gerry you truly have become one of this century’s masters of damning with faint praise. Of course for a practising carmudgeon this Royal Visit piece of yours could well be a positive step forward.

    Yes they are a very nice young couple and The Prince William would probably make a good GG but now that you got started why not play nice and simply write a feel good piece for a change? After saying some pleasant things you take only 17 words to slag off The Prince of Wales, his brother and his sister. Come on, you’re so much more of a fair-minded journalist than that. For example, if you are going to stick the fork in, you should feel duty bound to mention such things as the 128 million pounds The Prince Charles earns for charity in an average year among other good works. All this while living in the intolerable glare of the international media.

    And what’s wrong with a little “sappy coverage and superficial commentary” once in awhile amidst the world wide woe and suffering we read and hear about every day? A little grace and glamour might be just what the doctor ordered at the end of a stress filled day whether it’s Will and Kate or any other member of the family.

    The House of Windsor might well be a soap opera as you say but it’s our soap opera and it grows from the good heart of a very real family whose members have all the problems and joys, successes and failures as the rest of us. But amongst all this, you can find some truly fine values if you want to and you wont need to try very hard.

    And by the way, can you imagine how many billions of dollars our American cousins would be willing to part with if they could have a Royal Family?

    Gil Taylor

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