In Guelph wars, the first casualty is the truth

A recent letter to the editor of the Mercury written by Mark Amorosi, executive director of Human Resources and Legal affairs, addressed why the city will not reveal why Margaret Neubauer was fired.

He said it was a matter of personal privacy.

Amorosi, a resident of Hamilton is not a lawyer. Guelph had a city solicitor but she resigned.

Despite what Amorosi says, if you receive a cheque from the taxpayers they have the right to know the circumstances of your employment including dismissal without cause.

This isn’t a privacy issue at all. It’s a blatant cover-up of a public firing of a senior official of the city.

The city is ham-handed when it comes to managing staff.  Remember when they fired CAO Larry Kotseff and Chief Financial officer David Kennedy, the city clammed up on the circumstances and the severance package. It eventually came out when under the Freedom of Information Act the truth was unveiled.

No wonder they stonewalled the payoff details. It cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And why is Chief Administrative Officer Hans Loewig still employed? He decided to retire early due to unknown reasons and is sticking around drawing a paycheck and firing Neubauer.

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