Are you better off today than four years ago?

Mayor Karen Farbridge didn’t know her campaign manager was using five different aliases to deceive the blogging audience.

What else doesn’t she know?

As a member of the Guelph Police Services board, didn’t she know police were underfunded and undermanned to deal with downtown rowdies for four years?

Did she believe citizens would approve a $32 Million “Taj Mahal” composting plant without revealing the real operating costs or how tonnes of finished product would be disposed?

After four years, how has the Farbridge dream of a “vibrant” downtown worked for you?

Let’s count the ways: The manager hired to make the dream come true was fired; fights, public vandalism; streets used as toilets continue to deter new business and after-dark public participation; and the promised main library was never built.  No wonder 11 candidates are running for council in Ward 1, the downtown ward.

Who is running the store?

Hans Loewig, chief administration officer, appears to be missing in action. His  $200,000 a year salary and extraordinary benefits continues.

Mayor Farbridge has a lot to answer for after promising to put Guelph back on track.  Try driving around the citywide detours to see if that claim came true.

Don’t worry, be happy!  The Mayor’s communications team will have a strategy to fit every circumstance, answer every question and create excuses for everything that went wrong.

Gerry Barker
Citizen, retired newsman and observer of Guelph politics


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